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viirit netHirvikoski -sukuseura ry is a society for the members of the Hirvikoski ancestry. It was founded in 1995. The origin of our family is very strongly in the commune Toholampi, in the western Finland. 

Our Society organizes meetings for members every second year in Toholampi. The society has a Board of Directors, which will also be elected in these meetings. The next meeting will be on Saturday the 1th August in 2015. More information is available in our homepage in Finnish or kindly ask to contact us . 

The other task of the society is the gathering of the family information. We also publish books and make a list of the members of our family.  

If you are interested in any kind of our family, please contact the President of the Board of Directors Ville Hirvikoski. 


Ville Hirvikoski

The President of the Board of Directors

Hirvikoski-sukuseura ry

Hirvikoskentie 280 69410 SYKÄRÄINEN FINLAND

ville.hirvikoski (at) luukku.com 


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